Large Channel Letters Outdoor

This is one of the big signage project we've done.
The non-luminous part (bracket and letter logo, etc.) uses stainless steel, black painted, and the luminous part, that is, the logo surface uses acrylic, which is processed by UV printing to form such a beautiful and eye-catching logo sign, illuminated box letter.
In order to meet the customer's installation requirements, that is, the sign stands on the ground and can be moved, and considering the actual design, size and thickness of the sign, we not only made two bottom plates, but also installed pulleys below the bottom plate (of course, there should be a skeleton inside the box), but also installed a ring buckle on the back of the sign that can be locked with iron chains. In this way, it is not only highly suited to the needs of customers, easy to disassemble and move, but also very strong and safe.
It took us less than a week to complete such a beautiful face lit sign very quickly. Of course, transportation is still a headache, because it is more than 2 meters high, we want to ensure that it is complete by the time the customer receives the goods. Finally, through the wooden box, and added a fixed bracket on the wooden box, the safest way to finally safely delivered to the customer's hands, and installed in their own store outside the door.
The logo project is very personal, and its beauty of course depends on the client's own unique design.

Post time: Dec-13-2023