Which material is the cheapest?

The materials used for the production of luminous characters are: acrylic, galvanized , stainless steel, and titanium gold. After using the luminous characters for a period of time, a part or the entire font light source starts to flicker, and has poor contact, until it is completely off. Most of the light-emitting modules sold in the market are connected by patch cords. In this way, the advertisement maker is convenient and quick when installing the light emitting module. However, there are also some new problems. Because the connector is oxidized by moisture in the air during long-term, it is easy to oxidize and cause poor contact.


  1. No connector is required when making the module, and it is directly connected with copper tin-plated wire and then welded with activated carbon solder.
  2. Artificial agate is used to make a fully enclosed hollow three-dimensional luminous character to isolate the light source from contact with the air.


  1. High brightness, the brightness of the product exceeds all other current lighting equipment.
  2. It is windproof, waterproof and dustproof, and can be operated in all weather without being affected by bad weather conditions.
  3. Strong visual impact, bright colors, etc.

Post time: Mar-03-2020